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“Understanding opens the door to insight and to comfort with the data. Understanding is the platform we need to go to the next level… memorizing is a fragile house of cards, with no foundation.” — said Seth Godin.

I think that this phrase is the answer to the almost rhetorical question: “Why the adoption of many IT-tools fails?”

I helped thousands of users to implement business automation systems on a very contrary scale: from SAP-level to the small productivity mobile apps (like Remember The Milk). And always there was a very same obstacle: people did not want to understand why these screens, checkboxes, lists, and menus organized this way instead of another way.
In my blog I’ll try my best to deliver “why to” and “what for” instead of “how-to”.

So, the first question is: why people are spending a lot of money and effort to use dozens of narrow-targeted SaaS services instead of one or two more powerful ones? The on the surface answer is: it’s easy to perceive Mailchimp for Email marketing, Wix for website building, or Airtable to organize data than find a tool that does solve these tasks simultaneously.Let’s take such a tool called Bitrix24 and dissect its pros and cons by studying Quora questions?! I’ve parsed all Quora inquests where the Bitrix24 is quoted. Why Bitrix24? Simply because it is a tool for:

Here is how I’ve systemized these questions:

  • by context
  • by solution needed.

“By context” means that if the question is “What is the best open source CRM software?” and Quora users reply mentioning Bitrix24, this context is classified as “Choosing software”. The same array of questions is classified by “solution type needed”. In the example above it will be CRM.
The third dimension of today’s analysis is: what are the exact brands Bitrix24 was in comparison with. The fourth: industry (whereas that is pointed).


Context. “Choosing software”, “Direct comparing”, “How to”…

Solution needed. CRM, Messenger, Task Management…




Surprisingly or not, the most frequently met context for Bitrix24 was:
“I am choosing the right software which could help me with XYYZ. Please, help me.” If the answer contained mentioning of Bitrix24, it has been counted by my parsing. So, this crucial point of interest is taking 71% of all Quora questions. And it is expressed by the following examples of questions:
Which CRM systems let me send emails from within them?
Are there any open source apps like Slack that I can use for free by hosting it on my site?
What’s the best cheap/free CRM tool for a small business?
Here are the other three contexts Bitrix24 has been mentioned:

Solution needed

Customer Relationship Management is what people mostly crave.
Please, have a look at that chart:

What we see here: Task management with 24% is close on the heels of CRM. The next thing is “Corporate portal and collaboration software” — 9%. And, dazzling for me, Bitrix24 keeps appearing in discussions of what corporate messenger to choose — 7.8%.


The top brands Bitrix24 has been mentioned in comparison with:

  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • HipChat
  • Zoho
  • Google Apps
  • Basecamp
  • Pipedrive
  • Confluence
  • Jira.


Top industries which explicitly have been declared in questions (for example, “ What would be better for a small company that leases equipment Bitrix24 or Zoho?”):
real estate (4,3%)
freelance (2,34%)
call center (1,95% of all questions)
marketing agency (1,95%)
startup (1,95%)
logistics (0,78%).
Examples of “other industries”: construction, insurance, leasing, school, travel.

Any conclusion?

Quora is a good place to ask whatever is your interest. If you shy to ask something you name it “stupid”, just see how easy it is done by others. The answers are very circumstantial. Even if the author of the reply is engaged with one of the products, he/she explicitly states that (according to Quora’s Relevant affiliations policy) and then protects his/her position with arguments. Taking several opinions helps you make your own vector of mind.
My top-3 rating of questions (and answers!) I’ve collected for this review is:
What is the best and most cost-effective CRM for a business with online, and walk-in customers?
Which do you think is the best CRM, Monday, Zoho, Bitrix24, Asana, Salesforce, or HubSpot?
What are the best free remote work collaboration tools? I tried with Slack but it gives limited features for free users, Bitrix24 does not have remote access feature”.

As we see, Bitrix24 can be considered as an “all-in-one” tool at least according to Quora’s threads. While some of the questions I’ve parsed do not have answers, probably I’ll elucidate them eventually. Or… maybe I’ll be overloaded by your direct questions instead.

I love Bitrix24! I hate its shortages!

And if you want to make the right choice… never afraid to ask!
If you want to get the Google Sheet with all Quora’s questions about Bitrix24 and all pivot tables and charts mentioned above, please, share this article in any social network, send me the evidence with an active link and I’ll send you that Google Sheet.

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Entrepreneur. Investor. CRM consultant. No-code developer. UX/UI designer. Bitrix24, Salesforce, Webflow, Tilda Publishing, implementer.

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Dmitriy Slinkov

Dmitriy Slinkov

Entrepreneur. Investor. CRM consultant. No-code developer. UX/UI designer. Bitrix24, Salesforce, Webflow, Tilda Publishing, implementer.

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